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Foreign National Partnership Program

General Requirements -

  • Max LTV 75%
  • Max Loan Amount $1,000,000
  • Qualify at 640 FICO score
  • Designed for experienced investors.

Income and employment are not verified.

Documentation -

  • Copies of the borrower’s passport and unexpired visa must be obtained
  • The following visa types are accepted for foreign nationals:
  • - B-1 and B-2, H-2 and H-3, I, J-1 and J-2, O-2, P-1 and P-2

Assets -

  • NO Reserves required
  • Funds for down payment and closing costs must be sourced or seasoned for 60 days
  • - Must be in US depository for 30 days prior to closing
  • Credit -

    • 3 open accounts with a 2-year history
    • Letters of reference allowed
    • 2-year housing history can be used as tradeline

    **All documents must be translated by a certified translator